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Reflection on Marriage (excerpt)

Bride and Groom...today is one of the most significant and defining moments of yor lives. There have been other defining moments including your birth 
which you probably don't remember) but there was your first day of school, your first date, your first kiss, your graduation, your first real job and so on. 
 And there will be other defining moments for each of you to experience as you journey together in this life. But you will always remember this day, for it is a day of beginings for both of you. You are no longer to be single, you are to be married. You have been preparing for this day for several years, I would venture to say for your entire lifetime.
Everything you have ever experienced, every blessing, every heartache, every gift and talent that has been  developed, every hope and desire expressed or unexpressed; all of these you are now giving to each other, and will continue to receive from each other during the rest of your lives.
Of course, in the package, there will be some not so desirable gifts; dirty socks, toilet seats left in the wrong position, and at times a strong need to be right. In marriage you get it all. You are publicily stating your love for each other, and a determination to faithfully honor your life-long committment to each other. But I must tell you that the full measure of love you pledge is something that you have yet to learn.