Q. What are your wedding ceremonies like?
A. The ceremonies I offer are whatever you want them to be. I strongly believe that your Wedding Ceremony should reflect who you are and what your relationship is like. Once we have that information I will prepare a ceremony for you. From there, you can make as many edits as you like so that the final document reflects you and your relationship. You can also bring your own favorite readings, poems, and prayers into your ceremony, including your own compositions or vows. The ceremony I offer is personalized and spiritual. I am the editor and you are its principal authors.

Q. What kind of atmosphere do you prefer at a wedding?
A. As an Officiant, I believe the ceremony should be a balance of comfortable yet solemn, spiritual and human
all at the same time. I want both you and your guests to experience your love for each other and your happiness in being together at this most important moment in your lives. It's also important to me that your Ceremony reflect your desire to be together for the rest of your lives.

Q. Do you celebrate outdoor weddings?
A. I celebrate weddings wherever you want me to celebrate them, including in your home or back yard or at the beach. The only place I'm not allowed to celebrate weddings is in a Roman Catholic Church.

Q. Would you be willing to celebrate a Nuptial Mass for us?
A. Yes, I would be more than happy to.

Q. Is there any one place that's the most ideal place for a wedding?
A. Some people say that a church is the only place for a religious wedding ceremony. The truth is, there is no one place that is any more sacred than any other. Jesus said that wherever two or three gather in His Name, he is right there with them. God's presence is never limited to one type of location. We believe that God is everywhere. God is present in all creation and God is present in us, no matter where we are. So wherever you choose to marry
because you want God to be part of your life and part of your marriage God is there. That place is sacred space.

Q. Are the marriages you celebrate recognized by the Catholic Church?
A. It depends on whom in the Church you ask. If you ask people like yourselves whether the wedding I celebrate with you is a Sacrament recognized by God, the answer would be yes. If you're concerned whether your marriage is a
sacrament know that you are the Sacrament (a living sign of God's love).You give the sacrament to each other by your marriage vows. It's not I who gives it to you. I'm only there because you want a spiritual ceremony and because the state requires a "solemnizer" and recognizes the marriages I perform as legal.

Q. So the weddings you perform are legal but who authorizes you to officiate at them?
A. The State recognizes my ordination because I am recognized as a validly Ordained Priest by the International Council of Community Churches.

Q. Do you perform weddings for people who have gone through a prior divorce?
A. Yes. I make myself available to all people of faith, who choose not to marry in a church or who can't be married in the church for whatever reason.

Q. What if one of us is Jewish or Protestant, or Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist, or agnostic?
A. No problem! If you are from a different religious background, we can bring in elements of your religious tradition
prayers, readings, ceremonies- and incorporate them into your wedding ceremony.  In the event of inter-faith marriages it would be wise to have a Cleric of that faith present to co-celebrate.

Q. How long have you been celebrating weddings?
A. I celebrated weddings for the thirty years of my Priesthood as a Priest/Cleric and for the past three years ministering independently of the Episcopal Church.


Q. How long is your average Wedding Ceremony?
A. The length, just as the composition of each ceremony, depends on what you choose to make it. Most couples prefer weddings in the twenty to twenty-five minute range. My shortest wedding was fifteen minutes and the longest over an hour. When deciding on how long you want your wedding to last, think about including only those selections which best express your love for each other. Think also about your guests having to be there for the duration.

Q. What do you wear during your ceremonies?
A. I wear a long white robe called the alb, and a stole. If you prefer I not wear it, I will wear just a suit with a clerical shirt and collar.

Q. Do you give sermons (homilies) at weddings?
A. I don't preach but I do give short talks. That talk is always about you and your relationship. To do that, I will need your input.

Q. Do we have to memorize our vows?
A. No, I usually have you repeat your vows, as well as the exchange of rings after me
phrase by phrase after I first say them in a subdued voice.

Q. Do you limit where photographers and videographer can be during the Ceremony?
A. No. The photographers and videographer should be free to take the photos you want them to take. In other words, they should be wherever you want them to be and I don't have any problem with that.

Q. What about rehearsals?
A. I always attend rehearsals. I believe in their importance, because while I know what needs to be done in a wedding ceremony you and your wedding party probably don’t.

Q. Are you available for Weekday Weddings?
A. Yes, I can make myself available for weekday weddings.

Q. Are you supported financially by a Parish?
A. No. I am not affiliated with any diocese, parish, or Religious Order. I support myself independently, by the wedding ceremonies I perform.

Q. What do your charge for your wedding services?
A. It varies

The fee includes one or two meetings with you, planning materials, preparation time, travel costs, parking/tolls, and time involved in travel to and from the place of your ceremony.
For small, low cost weddings in homes and back yards the fee is negotiable depending on your means.

Q. When do you want the fee?
A. From experience, it's best for both the couple as well as for myself to have the deposit paid once you have determined you will hire me. Once I receive your deposit the dates you reserve are closed and belong only to you. However, if for any reason your plans change the deposit is non-refundable.  I require the balance paid the day before your ceremony usually at your rehearsal. Also you will need to give me your Marriage License at that time. I cannot celebrate any wedding without having the License in hand. It is always best to pay the balance of the fee at the same time you provide me with the Marriage License before the day of your wedding since, on your Wedding Day, you shouldn't have to focus on any other responsibilities beside committing to your relationship with each other.

Q. Where do we get the Marriage License?
A. I will provide you with the necessary information, as it varies from county to county and state to state.


Q. Could you do just a short civil ceremony without the religious element?
A. If all a couple wants is a short, non-spiritual ceremony, they would be better off enlisting the services of a Justice of The Peace and pay a lot less for his/her services. However if you are set on me performing your ceremony I will be happy to do so with the understanding that the cost will be higher than going to a J.P.

Q. What day can we meet?
A. I usually meet with couples any Monday thru Wednesday, days or evenings. Thursdays thru Saturdays are reserved for weddings, however I can meet early in the morning on those days. Meetings are usually held in my home/office in Cincinnati, however, I can come to you if you live outside of Cincinnati (more than 25 miles).

Q. Where do we go from here?
A. Once you've decided you want to meet with me,  call me (513) 919-6629 or email
reverendgarrett@twobecomeonewedding.com. I ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of our first meeting if you decide to retain my services. This reserves the date and time for your wedding.  I will try to meet with you at a time convenient for both of you. The purpose of our first meeting is for us to get acquainted and for you to decide whether you want to retain my services. We can also talk about the kind of ceremony you envision. If you want to meet more than once to discuss other issues, we can plan on doing that also, (this will involve an hourly fee at my discretion).